Why Girls

Every child deserves a high-quality education. Yet unfortunately, girls today still face complex cultural, social, and economic barriers that can stand in the way of their desire to learn. Right now more than 130 million girls are not in school, and as a girl grows older, her obstacles to opportunity grow bigger.

Making sure girls and women have equal access to quality education is key to alleviating global poverty.  When a girl stays in school, she has the power to transform lives, families, and communities. She is more likely to marry later, have fewer and healthier children, and earn an income that she will invest into her family and community. Adolescent girls are an especially powerful driver for community change. Every year of secondary school increases a girl’s income by 15 – 25 percent. Investing in adolescent girls can propel a family towards solvency and a girl toward greater leadership and health.

In the movement to bring change to education, girls’ voices are often not heard, and yet girls hold the key to unlocking the solutions to the barriers that they face. Girls’ Voices opens the discussion about girls’ education to girls themselves, adding depth, reality, and complexity to the growing body of statistics supporting girls’ education.

Benefits of Girls' Education