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“In this society, without an education you are not valued. And so in the future, I want to help those who can’t help themselves. My dream is to become a nurse, so I can heal the sick in my community, help fix the roads and be a good citizen.”





If I didn’t go to school, I’d be a restavèk (slave). That’s why my mom wanted to make sure I went to school, so that wouldn’t be my future; so I would have a future.”













Girls' Education in Haiti


Our Partners

Matenwa Community Learning Center (MCLC):
Matenwa is the only school on the Island of LaGonave in Haiti and provides a democratic model of hands-on education that reflects the learning and growing possibilities in one’s local environment to 279 students. Matenwa uses methodologies that have been tailored to their culture through experimentation, evaluation, and modifications, resulting in the present implementation of highly successful practices. Matenwa empowers the local community to determine their own solutions. We are grateful to Maureen Plaisimond and Mackanaky Magliore, the Girls’ Voices Facilitators for leading a fun and rewarding pilot project, and for translating the Girls’ Voices curriculum in Creole.          
Project Edeline:
Under the umbrella of Youth Without Borders, Project Edeline gives children of Haiti a chance for a brighter future. Funded completely by sponsors, the elementary school located in Beudet provides an education, clean water, food and healthcare to children in need. And beyond improving the lives of the children, Project Edeline works towards restoring economic hope and stability for the country. We are grateful to Stephanie Hoffman who helped start the school and facilitate Girls’ Voices activities.

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