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October 22nd (4PM PST) – November 9th (11:59PM PST)

You can vote once per category, per day. Select the pieces that inspire you the most, and cast your vote—it’s as simple as that! Want to help your favorite entry win? Share it with your friends on Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter to spread the word!

The young woman who receives the most votes for her video will receive a $1,000 grant towards her scholarship fund, and the girl who receives the most votes for her photography project will receive a $300 grant towards her scholarship fund.


Courage asks girls to show us their fighting spirit in the face of uncertainty and adversity.

Changemaker asks girls to show a community issue she cares about and suggest a solution.

Creativity asks girls to show us the world from their eyes.

Each category is also divided into video and photography submissions, which means you can vote six times total per day!

This year’s judges include Laura Ling, Ashley Bell, Rebeccah Dharmapalan, and Victoria Moroles. Learn more about them here!

Click here to view the complete rules of the Girls’ Voices for Change Contest.

Courage - Video

Dancing my life
Princesa, 20, Paraguay - Argentina
My Aunt
Ruthloveny, 14, Haiti
Spreading Hope
Yessica, 17, United States
I Too Struggle For My School Fees
Winnifred, 15, Uganda
From Cans to School
Shpresa, 13, Kosovo
Qendresa, 18, Kosovo
The Famous Limbers
Angelice, 17, Puerto Rico
My Dream
Radhia, 18, Kenya
I Want Give a Legacy to My Daughter
Camila, 19, Brazil
The Second Chance
Eunice, 18, Kenya
My Family Comes Together
Whitney, 18, Kenya
I Want to be a Lawyer
Namono, 14, Uganda
My Community
Lomene, Andjilove, 16, Haiti
Holding Arms
Mia, 17, United States
Orphanage Candlelight
Ange, 14, Cameroon
Happy and Healthy Living with Sickle Cell
Noble, , Nigeria

Courage - Photography

The Brave Women in my Family
Elisa, 17, Honduras
My Hope and Children
Milena , 17, Honduras
Challenges of the Urban Refugee
Sabina, 14, Kenya
Laundry for Tuition Fees
Vanessa, 16, Kenya
Disability is Not Inability
Margaret, 17, Kenya
Cutting Down Ignorance
Fridah, 18, Kenya
Harvests That Binds
Grace, 15, Kenya
Marah's World
Marah, 18, Jordan
Enas' Vision
Enas, 16, Jordan
Christy's Life
Christy, 17, Peru

Changemaker - Video

Feminist Photography
Catalina, 18, Argentina
I Won't be the First to Land on Mars, But...
Evelyn, 17, United States
HIV/Aids Among Young People in Kenya
Esther, 16, Kenya
Fighting Bad Peer Pressure
Monica , 17, Uganda
Our Big Hearts for Their Big Problems
Elona, 16, Kosovo
No to Bullying
Alondra, 17, Puerto Rico
Behind The Mask: Sexual Harrasment
Sol Cascante, 15, Costa Rica
Sugar Cane
Berlanda, 13, Haiti
We Are the Next Generation: Women's Soccer
Joubencat, 16, Haiti
Ana Maria's Vision
Ana María, 18, Guatemala
My Dream is to Become a Filmmaker
Maria Luiza, 16, Brazil
For Children To Go To School
Yolenie, 14, Haiti
Our Road
Viergnelie, 17, Haiti

Changemaker - Photography

Feminist Photography
Catalina, 18, Argentina
The Joy of Supporting Girls
Kenlly, 14, Kenya
From Grass to Grace
Vallarie, 16, Kenya
The Passion of STEM
Lelia, 16, Kenya
Beyond Fear
Christabel, 17, Kenya
Traditional Roles
Peace, 15, Kenya
Homeless Girls
Hellen, 16, Kenya
A Cup of Rina's Vision
Rina, 19, Kosovo
Esraa's Vision
Esraa, 21, Jordan
Walaa's Vision
Walaa, 18, Jordan
Khaldiya's Vision
Khaldiya, 21, Jordan
We are Changemakers
Asha, 20, India

Creativity - Video

I'm a Film Director
Ashley, 19, Venezuela - Argentina
Amrita's Reflection
Riya, 16, India
Monalisa's Reflection
Usha, 19, India
Arpita's Reflection
Monalisa, 19, India
Mussarat's Reflection
Priya, 19, India
Rita's Reflection
Abida, 18, India
Nurse Against All Odds
Claire, 19, Uganda
My Education to Reduce Injustice
Daphine, 16, Uganda
Education for Girls is Worth the Fight
Cathy, 19, Uganda
Priya's Reflection
Arpita, 16, India
Sneha's Reflection
Afsari, 15, India
Ingrid for Creativity
Ingrid, 19, Cameroon

Creativity - Photography

Karol, 16, Honduras
Astrid Carolina, 16, Honduras
My Surroundings
Leyla, 15, Honduras
My City
Migdalia, 17, Honduras
Making A Difference Through Art
Renea, 19, Kosovo
Reality Camera
Elora, 15, Colombia
Rama's Vision
Rama, 16, Jordan
Power of Girls' Voices
Seema B., 14, Bangalore, India

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