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Wednesday, October 16

Our Top 5 Favorite Authors

The Girls' Voices team believes in the power of reading, so we listed our top favorite writers (who happen to be all women).

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Thursday, August 22

Vozes de Meninas—Empowering Girls in Brazil

Girls' Voices encourages girls all over the world to express themselves through digital storytelling. With a focus on education, our curriculum targets girls in underserved communities, like slums in Brazil.

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Thursday, August 15

Third Annual Girls’ Voices for Change Contest

Girls’ Voices participants from over 20 countries are submitting their projects for this year's Girls' Voices for Change contest!

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Monday, July 29

Celebrating Friends Near & Far

An important part of our curriculum is connecting girls around the world through video and photography. This is how celebrate International Day of Friendship every day.

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Wednesday, July 17

Top 10 Nelson Mandela Quotes That Inspire Us

In honor of its 10th anniversary, here are 10 ways Nelson Mandela Day inspires Girls' Voices.

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Tuesday, July 9

Inspired Donor Meets the Girl Behind the Camera

Radhiya's award-winning Girls' Voices video reached many, but one viewer, in particular, was inspired and touched by her story.

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Wednesday, June 19

Refuge Through Resilience

Dangerous commutes, language barriers, or simply no schooling available keep refugee children from pursuing an education. And as these children get older, the fewer chances they have to ever get back to school. But that’s not stopping girls like Marah, Mona, Walaa from sharing their story.

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Wednesday, May 22

Educated Girls Become Empowered Women

Unfortunately, close to 100 million girls worldwide are out of school today. With your help,’s Girls Voices program is partnering with grassroots organizations around the globe to change that.

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Wednesday, April 24

Dance Like No One is Watching's Girls' Voices program aims to encourage girls around the world to pursue higher education, make a difference in their community, and tell their story.

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Thursday, April 18

Med School Dreams within Reach’s Girls' Voices program aims to support young women in Honduras through education.

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