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How 10 Girls Are Changing the World

For the past 10 days, we’ve shared with you 10 ways girls change the world. Thanks to your support and MyCandle, our #10WaysGirlsChangetheWorld campaign will send a full class of girls to school for a whole year!

Thank you for supporting our scholars. Get to know the girls making change happen:


Sophia is a determined young woman from Kenya who fought the odds to attend school. She escaped forced marriage at 14 to pursue her education.

Now she is setting the example for her sisters and other girls in her community and inspiring them to pursue their dreams through education.

Ana Maria

Ana Maria is one of the first Girls’ Voices scholars to graduate high school and start giving back to her community right away. She is currently teaching children and other young women to read.

Educated women invest more of their earnings and time back in their communities, especially compared to men.


Joubencat is creating a better tomorrow with trees. She is battling the effects of deforestation by replanting trees in her community. Her dream is to study agronomy and undo the damage of deforestation.

Nearly half our world’s population is comprised of women, and if we’re going to stop climate change once and for all, we’ll need educated girls to lead the way.


Karoli from Peru would like to continue sharing the importance of preserving her Shipibo culture in the face of their community’s displacement.

Karoli made a short film for Girls’ Voices with her cousin focusing on her community’s traditions and customs.

“Participating and making this video gave us an opportunity to show the world our culture, something that is becoming more and more important to us and we are getting better and better at doing too.”


Girls like Marie are defying stereotypes and reminding everyone that girls can do anything!

On the small island of Bonaire, she’s breaking the glass ceiling by pursuing her passion for mechanics, something usually reserved for boys. She is changing the idea by encouraging other girls in her community to join her and prove once and for all, anything boys can do, girls can too!


Many of us take graduating high school as a given. A rite of passage. But for many girls, this is an accomplishment once out of reach.

Jaeney is the first girl in her family to graduate high school. She’s setting an example for other girls in her community in the Tohono O’Odham Nation and around the world. She hopes to continue pursuing her dreams and inspiring others to do the same.


After seeing firsthand the harassment girls deal with on their way to school, Priya knew she had to take action. She began to ask others in her community in India to come together and act as a ‘safety net’ for girls.

Now, everyone in her village stands up for girls and helps them get to school safely. She is being the change she wants to see in the world and making sure no one stands in the way between a girl and her education.


Evelyn is making the world a more innovative place by taking up space in the STEM field.

Once a subject led by men, the sciences are seeing more women in the field making discoveries and thinking up much-needed inventions.

Girls like Evelyn bring a new perspective to the field that is changing the world as we know it.


“Earth without art is just eh.” Ashley knows that and believes that creativity is an important part of getting through life.

Ashley believes in expressing yourself and she does so through film-making and story-telling.

She hopes that by telling untold stories and capturing everyday life through her lens, she can open minds and change the world.


Karol believes that being a girl means to dream big and breaking through stereotypes. She works hard to inspire other girls in her community to pursue all their goals.

She believes in empowering girls to feel as equals and know that they are strong and capable of making the changes they need and deserve.

We know there are so many other girls changing the world in so many other ways, so we want to hear from YOU! In what ways are girls making the world a better place? Head to our Facebook page to comment on our latest post or tag us on your Instagram pictures with #WaysGirlsChangetheWorld.