Family Traditions Around the World

As we get closer to the holidays, we’re taking time to reflect on all that we’ve learned throughout the course of this program. We’re so thankful to the girls who share their culture and traditions with us. From delicious comfort food to wedding celebrations, these Girls’ Voices scholars are learning from their families to keep those traditions alive.

To celebrate the beauty of traditions around the world, we’re taking a look back at some Girls’ Voices for Change Contest entries that transport us into another world and remind us how important our traditions can be.

A Perfect Meal

Nathaly used her project to showcase all that her parents and grandparents have taught her, especially through food. Whether it’s eating the food or preparing it, Nathaly helps her mom in the kitchen and it brings her joy.

“My mother does not come from a lot of luxury, but every meal stays perfect. She is my example to follow,” she says.

Preserving a Piece of the Past

Rhauany is part of an indigenous tribe in Bahia, Brazil. Accomplishments such as graduations and weddings are celebrated in traditional garbs including headdresses and face paint.

“I’m very proud of my family origins and I want to study to bring more ideas to preserve our identity and traditions,” she says.

A 3-Day Celebration of Love

Aisha explains how the Nubian community celebrates wedding ceremonies. Through tea gifting, dancing, and parading, the whole community comes together for 3 days to celebrate the union between two people in love.

Most of these activities are different ways to show gratitude to each other’s families.

Dances and Dresses

Jennifer used her video project to showcase Honduras’ culture through their traditional dances and dresses. She feels the colorful and lively dances represent her country’s love of life.

“Folk dance makes us remember our customs, our roots,” she says.

This is just a taste of the unique cultures that girls in our program celebrate. Check out our full gallery of Girls’ Voices for Change Contest entries to see more of the world through their eyes!

What traditions do you and your family celebrate? Share yours with us by using the hashtag #GVTraditions!