Vote for Your Favorite Girls’ Voices for Change Entries

Girls around the world face unique obstacles—from discrimination to physical endangerment. Often, a lack of education leads to a lack of confidence and many girls feel afraid to express themselves. Through the Girls’ Voices workshops, we ask girls to share their stories of loss and triumph, their creativity, and their ideas for change through videos and photography. Each participant receives scholarship funding just for joining the program.

The girls work on their projects throughout the year and have the option to enter them into the Girls’ Voices for Change Contest, where very winner receives extra grant funding to further her education and implement her ideas for change in her community.

The contest is sectioned into four categories:

  • My Story with a grand prize of $1,000
  • Changemaker with a grand prize of $1,000
  • Style and Culture with a grand prize of $1,000
  • Photography with a grand prize of $500

For girls whose families make less than $300 a month, this prize money is life-changing for them and their education.

From September 12 to October 7, YOU can vote every day for the submissions that inspire you most. You can vote once per category per day — that’s four chances every day to change a girl’s life!

During this time, our esteemed panel of judges which include female photojournalists, activists, and creators, will pick their favorites for the Judge’s Awards.

We need you to pick the winners!

When you donate to Girls’ Voices, you help keep girls in school. We use your donations to keep our program running and provide scholarships to each girl who participates in our program. Some families may have enough money to pay for their daughter’s tuition, but not enough to cover the hidden costs of uniforms, books, and bus rides. Our scholarships help cover those costs, so girls have all the tools they need to succeed.