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“Women are Powerful”—Girls’ Voices in Uganda

Girls’ Voices’ mission wouldn’t be possible without our dedicated facilitators, who volunteer their time and knowledge to run comprehensive and inspiring workshops.

Chole’s crew at PMM Girls’ School

Chole Richard has been one of these facilitators at PMM Girls’ School in Western Uganda for three years and he’s back this year despite a promotion at his day job.

Chole says he’s “gained deeper insight into challenges girls face and understand how to better support them emotionally and in academics” making his return an obvious choice for him.

This year the Girls’ Voices scholars at PMM Girls School created brilliant collaborative poems, mini-documentaries, and photography projects focused on womanhood, empowerment, and expressing why the world also belongs to them. Chole was inspired by how confidently the scholars directed their videos, creating visuals to bring their poems to life. But it’s not just the girls’ creativity that Chole admires, it’s their generosity.

A few of the girls decided to donate their scholarships to other girls in the school who are in greater need.

“The girls’ desire to make the life of someone else better, inspires them to participate and is one of the most outstanding parts of the program,” Chole said.

Girls’ Voices believes that by sharing their stories, girls can inspire each other to pursue their dreams and the girls at PMM took that one step further.

Chole says the Girls’ Voices program shows us what education has the potential to be.

“Sometimes people think it’s about scoring well, but this program brings out the full potential that as girls study, as they read, they also try to use what they learn to impact the lives of others,” he said.

Kisakye, a Girls’ Voices Scholar agrees.

“I gained confidence, ability and the spirit of inspiring fellow girls because very many are not in school, experiencing various problems like early pregnancy and early marriage. Yet they can be very important people in the community,” she shared.

Below is a poem by Kisakye, inspired by the Girls’ Voices mission.

“Girl Empowerment”
Everywhere you go, women are powerful,
In all of the sense
Big and small
Yes, women, we can
We’re made out of substance, powerful, holistic, essential and developmental
The world belongs to women
So, educate a girl child for a better future


Thanks to donors like you, we continue expanding and we’re not done yet. We want to create a future where every girl feels empowered through education.

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Published on, August 30, 2019