Refuge Through Resilience

By Czarina Nafarrate, Program & Content Coordinator

Today, Girls’ Voices is celebrating World Refugee Day, a day to commemorate the strength, courage, and perseverance of millions of refugees around the world. According to a 2018 study by the UN Refugee Agency, close to four million refugee children do not attend school, half a million more than that previous year. Dangerous commutes, language barriers, or simply no schooling available keep these children from pursuing an education. And as these children get older, the fewer chances they have to ever get back to school. But that’s not stopping girls like Marah, Mona, Walaa from sharing their story.

Zata’ari Camp

Marah’s family escaped the war in Syria when she was thirteen. Since then, she’s witnessed the resilience of the people around her and her video “Zata’ari Camp” showcases the daily life of its residents. In it, she emphasizes the children in the camps, who despite everything, still cling on to their dreams.

Dreams Without Borders

Mona’s family also escaped to Jordan from Syria. Unfortunately, for Mona, that meant an end to her education. In “Dreams Without Borders,” Mona shares the obstacles she faces as a refugee and the success she knows she is still capable of achieving.

The Changing Element

In her video, “The Changing Element,” Walaa talks about being a catalyst for positive change in the world and inspires the viewer to look toward the future with optimism. Thanks to Girls’ Voices, she found the power of her voice and despite the chaos around her, she wants to inspire others to find it too.

Girls’ Voices works with grassroots organizations around the world focused on empowering girls through media. Marah, Mona, and Walaa are all part of Another Kind of Girl Collective in Jordan, which helps young women in displaced communities connect and create art together. Through partnerships like this, we’re able to spread the Girls’ Voices curriculum around the world and inspire more girls!

We believe creativity and storytelling is an important outlet for refugees and are proud to help empower girls to share their stories and believe in themselves, even in the toughest of times.