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Dreaming Big

While some daydream through class time, many girls around the world dream of going to school. With your help, GreaterGood.org’s Girls’ Voices takes a step toward making those dreams come true, just ask Radhiya.

Radhiya is a Girls’ Voices scholar who won earned the 2018 Judge’s Courage Award for her video “My Dream.”

Radhiya’s family home was demolished when the government built a road that displaced more than 30,000 people. Despite the challenges of finding a new home and taking care of her seven younger siblings, Radhiya remains a top student in her class at the Kibera Girls’ Soccer Academy.

Radhiya participates in the journalism club at her school. She and fellow students were frustrated reading stories outsiders were writing about their community. All the focus was on poverty, crime, or lack of healthcare. So they created this club to have the opportunity to tell their own stories through their own eyes. Radhiya’s video demonstrates the resilience and culture of the people of Kibera as well as her own aspirations of becoming a pediatrician and helping the children in her community.

Radhiya and her mother were overjoyed when they found out Radhiya had won the Judge’s Courage Award for her video. She received a $1,200 scholarship that will be used to attend university.


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