Girls’ Voices for Change Contest, Meet the Winners Series, Part III – Creativity in Photography Prize!

By Patricia Cogley, Director of Girls’ Voices

Photography impacts the way we understand the world, influences how we think, and even informs the actions we take. We created the Girls’ Voices photography curriculum so that girls could experiment with the power of imagery. During the Girls’ Voices for Change Contest this spring, girls in eight countries used digital imagery to tell the story of their lives, from their eyes, and shared that imagery with all of us. And, this summer the public (YOU) voted for your favorites!

Learn more about the winners of “Creativity in Photography” below and congratulate the aspiring photographers by donating to their education!

Women and girls in Kolkata engaging in “Tablet Talks.” Created by Asha, winner of the Creativity in Photography Prize.

First Prize – Girls Are Storytellers

Created by Asha, Kolkata, India, Age 19

Asha shows us how women and girls are using visual media as a way to express their views and opinions in her village within Kolkata. Asha’s photography won nearly 2,000 votes! We love how this photo shows the contrast between tradition and the wonders of modern handheld devices. Through just one photograph, we can see how technology can capture the rapt attention of the community. Asha is determined not just to complete school, but to encourage other girls to further their studies and become leaders in their community. You can help Asha make a difference in her own life and the lives of others, by donating to her scholarship fund here.


“Mushrooms for My Education” includes a series of photos showing the realities of raising funds to pay school fees in Kampala, Uganda.

Runner Up – Mushrooms for My Education

Created by Muyanga, Kamapala, Uganda

In a few photographs, Muyanga describes how mushroom farming has helped her to stay in school. She helps her aunt with her mushroom farm, raising the money for her school fees. Muyanga’s advice to others: “Work with and support your family to support you in your education.” We love that Muyanga shows how it takes a village, and a lot of resourcefulness, to send a girl to school. Her determination inspires us! Help Muyanga’s dreams come true by donating to her education here.


Photo by Divya, showing a young artist at work in Bangalore, India.

Runner Up – Art: The Power to Transform

Created by Divya. R, Bangalore, India, Age 16

With this photograph, Divya shares how art has played a significant role in her life. Art has inspired her to continue in school and provides an escape from some of the harsh realities of life. We love that her photo shows a girl fully immersed in her passions! We know that many people around the world can relate to how art can be a rewarding and fulfilling way to get through hard times. Despite coming from an unsteady home, Divya is a highly ambitious girl whose dreams know no bounds. Divya wants to become an aeronautical engineer someday. Help Divya realize her dreams by donating to her education here.

While there were clear winners, we encourage you to see the photographs of all the finalists. The photos are imaginative and authentic, and show the natural visual talent of girls everywhere!  

You can ensure that all of the Girls’ Voices participants can complete secondary education by donating to their scholarship fund here.


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by patricia, July 25, 2017