Girls’ Voices for Change Contest, Meet the Winners Series, Pt. II – Creativity in Video Prize

Girls’ Voices scholars learning to vote for their favorite projects on digital phones.

By Patricia Cogley, Director of Girls’ Voices

Our Girls’ Voices program inspires girls who face barriers to their education to create videos and photography about their lives. The GreaterGood community then watches the videos and donates to their studies. So far, because of you, we have supported 111 girls in completing one year of school!

We launched the Girls’ Voices For Change Contest this spring, to showcase each girl’s creativity and to raise funds for their scholarships. From June 7 – June 21, YOU shared their projects across social media channels, generating 8,000 votes from the public. The “Creativity in Video” winner received $500 toward a Girls’ Voices scholarships. Runners Up received $250 toward their organization.

While there were clear winners, we were impressed with all of the work, and encourage you to watch all the finalists. The pieces are heartfelt, creative, and bring to life the most critical issues in girls’ education. Learn more about the winners of “Creativity in Video” below and congratulate them by donating to their education!

First Place – The Beginning

Created by Puja, from Kolkata, India, age 16

In The Beginning, Puja shows how alcoholism within the family can negatively affect girls’ education. She encourages fathers and family members to change their ways to support them in their goals. Puja’s piece spoke to so many that she generated nearly 2,000 votes! Puja is a serious student and devoted to attending her tutoring center to ensure that she graduates from high school. You can donate to Puja’s promising future here.

Runner Up – No Time to Study

Created by Salu, from Kathmandu, Nepal, age 13

In this personal video, Salu showcases the time deficit many girls around the world face while trying to attend school. Salu spends most of her time doing household chores and helping her father in their tea shop. Salu says, “No one can make you feel inferior if you are educated.” Salu is a compelling storyteller, winning close to 1,000 votes! Let’s all help Salu make it to the finish line by donating to her education.

Runner Up – School and Family

Created by Cheri, from Beudet, Haiti, age 16

In this simple video, Cheri shows us her pride in attending school. At 16, Cheri is the oldest student in her elementary school. After begging her principal, she joined the class determined to catch up and continues to be a hard working student. She wants to share a window into her life and continues to dream about where her education can take her. Cheri has many fans out there and garnered over 370 votes. You can support Cheri’s dreams by donating to her education here

These three winners and all of the participants in this contest inspired us greatly! From the streets of Kathmandu to the deserts of Arizona, nearly 100 girls picked up the camera and shared compelling stories about their lives. All of the girls planned their projects, collaborated, and overcome obstacles to complete their work. Imagine creating each piece while juggling work, school, and home responsibilities in the slums, or within a refugee camp. Their work showcases the strength and determination of the Girls’ Voices scholars. Congratulations, winners!

To ensure even more girls receive the education they deserve, click here.

by patricia, July 13, 2017