About Girls' Voices

Why Girls

Every child deserves the right to a high quality education, but more than 130 million girls worldwide are not in school due to the barriers that hold them back — like forced child marriage, child labor, and stereotypical gender norms that keep them in the home. Investing in a girl’s education not only positively benefits her, but also her community, her country, and the world.

We partner with grassroots organizations in 14 countries to help girls fight for their right to education. Girls in each country face unique obstacles to getting an education, and we aim to highlight and eliminate those barriers.

How It Works

We partner with grassroots organizations in 14 countries around the world to empower girls to tell their stories. With our guided curriculum, facilitators in each school teach girls the basics of cinematography and storytelling. Girls share their stories in supportive workshops with their peers, while gaining confidence in their skills and themselves. The videos they create show the unique barriers they face to education and how they fight to overcome these obstacles.

Along with societal barriers, the hidden cost of school also plays a part in keeping girls uneducated. When families in developing countries barely make enough money to support themselves, they don’t have anything leftover for tuition, books, uniforms, or safe transportation. We give each Girls’ Voices participant scholarship funding, then we showcase her media on GreaterGood.org’s platform, helping donors connect to her story on a personal level and crowdfund her education through the remainder of secondary school.

See It In Action

Guided Curriculum

In small workshops, girls create storyboards for their videos. They work together and give each other feedback on visual, auditory, and narrative elements.

Media Creation

Girls apply what they learn by directing their own micro-documentaries. They compose their shots and edit their videos together to create a narrative that is uniquely theirs.

Fundraising & Graduation

We showcase their stories on GreaterGood.org's crowdfunding platform, where donors get to connect to a girl's story on a personal level and raise funds for the remainder of her secondary school education.

Meet Our Director

Patricia Cogley holds a Masters in International Education and Human Rights from the University of San Francisco, as well as a B.A. in American Studies from Wesleyan University. Recognized for being the “heart and mind” behind Adobe Youth Voices, Adobe’s signature philanthropy initiative, she led a program that inspired STEM and creative skills among 250,000 young people in 70 countries. Previous to Adobe she developed YouthLink, a digital media program for young people in the Bay Area, and recent winner of the President’s National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Awards. She believes in combining breadth and depth in social impact programs, creating authentic and rewarding partnerships, and building on people’s innate altruism, creativity, and interest in making a difference.