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Raising Voices


To Be a Teacher to Change Lives


Striving to Be Exemplary


To Be Strong


Concern For My Community


“The importance of my voice is to . . . to give inspiration to other girls out there, to let them know that through their voice, they can achieve anything they want”.






“I want to be a strong person in the future, to be helpful, to be a great singer and a great architect. And I think that with help and support, I’ll make my dreams come true”.







Girls' Education in Uganda


Our Partner

Parvatiben Muljibhai Madhvani (PMM):
Parvatiben Muljibhai Madhvani (PMM) School is an all-girls government-aided secondary school for students in Jinja, Uganda. Educators at PMM are committed to supporting girls, providing a safe place for them to develop and thrive well in society. We are grateful to Chole Richard, PMM’s Girls’ Voices Facilitator, who engaged brilliantly with each of the GV participants to support them as they develop their unique stories of resilience, strength, and creativity.

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