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Keep Moving Forward


Natural Dye In My Life


The Designs of My Life


A Better Future


The Right To Study


The Children With No Shoes


How I Struggle In My Life

Ana Maria

Fighting For Opportunity


“I would like to work in tourism. I love exploring, and would love to get to know the wonders our county has to offer. I want to share my country with people from other countries. The opportunity to travel and lean about other places I don’t know yet is also very exciting. To get my dream job, I have to work hard to learn other languages.”



“I know I will achieve my dreams. I realize that this will be a huge challenge; it will depend on my efforts and how hard I fight. I want to be a good person, and I want to be the best I can be”.





Girls' Education in Guatemala



Our Partner

  Maya Traditions Foundation:
Maya Traditions empowers and improves the quality of life for Mayan women artisans and their families and to contribute to the preservation and promotion of traditional knowledge, art, and culture in Guatemala. To do so, they offer the women artisans and their families education-driven social programs and market access to International Fair Trade and artisanal networks with a focus on traditional Maya culture and traditions. Through their Youth Education program every artisan is guaranteed financial support, leadership workshops and other activities for their children to ensure that they will have tools to be leaders in their communities. GreaterGood conducted an in-person pilot with Maya Traditions in August, 2016, and through our community of donors, we completed fundraising for all participants in two months. We are grateful to Marisol Morales, Javier Borrayo, and Jaqueline Santillan for leading the Girls’ Voices experience.

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