Med School Dreams within Reach

In Honduras, many girls can’t attend school due to lack of economic resources, child labor, and adolescent pregnancy.’s Girls’ Voices program aims to alleviate the burden with scholarships funded by your donations.

This year Girls’ Voices worked with Organization for Youth Empowerment in Honduras to provide participating girls with additional funds to cover some of their educational expenses, including books, school fees, transportation and sometimes even food for themselves and their families.

The truth is that communities improve when young women are educated, conscious of what is happening around them, and empowered to take action to create positive change within their homes, schools and communities. This program gave girls like Karol and Milenia, the opportunity to analyze what was happening in their community, good and bad, and increased their motivation to study and overcome their economic circumstances through education.

Karol, one of the winners of the “creativity” photo contests, plans to use her scholarship funds to cover her graduation fees next year. After graduation, Karol would like to study medicine and plans to use her newfound skills to earn additional income for her college expenses.

Milena lives with her mother, grandmother and two younger sisters with a household income of $250/month. Her scholarship funds cover basic educational expenses, including books and school fees for the upcoming school year. She’s very excited to continue her education and help her family when she graduates.

by czarina, April 18, 2019